Monday, 16 October 2017


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a busy day.

It doesn’t matter if people are relying on you, and you are the ONLY person in the whole wide world who can do this specific thing for them.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got better things to be doing.

If you need to make art today *DO IT*.

It is not selfish.

It is not irresponsible.

That’s just society’s echo of ‘sacrifice is what makes you a decent person’ ringing in your ears. 

You can leave that voice somewhere else…preferably the garbage bin.

You can find five minutes.


Hell you’ve found five minutes for blog hopping haven’t you?

Yeah I am calling you out on all the levels right now.

Because you deserve the break.

You deserve the joy.

You DESERVE to feel whole.

TAKE THE TIME to create for yourself today.

So stop the excuses and stop the procrastinating, go and make your shizzle.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Wisdom Journal (& Livestream)

Hey Love

I'm SO excited.

I have a BRAND NEW Journal Making Class Now OPEN!! Whoop Whoop!

The Wisdom Journal is about making your own survival guidebook of your own personal wisdoms. 

For more info visit: 
The Wisdom Journal {clickable}

In the Wisdom Journal Class we will:

*Make a Unique Journal - including creating pockets, decorating background papers before binding, crafting a decorative spine, adding a closure etc.

*Detect Our Wisdoms – what is to go in the journal? Well, we shall see…

*Art Journal – once we have done the work around finding/making our wisdoms we shall art them out in our fancy new handmade journal.

*Apply Our Wisdoms – we will look at how we can consciously apply our wisdoms in our life. This class is not about locking knowledge away in a book never to be seen again, it is about bringing awareness to light to use …and as a result create our own fabulously customised survival book to have forevermore and use as a tool.

Registration is open now for a CRAZY Low Early Bird Price

(or if it’s already a ‘YES’ workshop for you click ‘Join’ in the classroom here to secure your spot now:

Class Starts 1st Sept & you get LIFETIME access to the class content (so grab it now while it's a bargain!)

PS Last night I also did a facebook livestream on 'How to do Art the 'Right' Way' (yes...there is a right way, apparently) & I also showed a little more about the Wisdom Journal Class if you want to see it in 'person' as it were. Check it out here:

PPS This new class like all my classes are hosted on my art community Journal Workshops, you can sign up now for free and browse all the classes I have on offer if you wish, or even take a free one!
come join the family...we don't bite =)

Saturday, 5 August 2017

How To Pick Which Project to Do {VIDEO: The 2 Ways of Creating}

Hey Love

I have recently discovered something about creativity. Through observing my own patterns of creating, and those of others through my creative coaching, I have discovered there are two main ways we create.

These two ways are SUPER useful to help you through many different stages of your projects, but mainly at the very beginning when you ask 'what project should I even do?'

Click here to watch the video:

Things Mentioned In Video -
*The Creative Instinct Video:
*Lots of new things added to my shop including artist goodies & classes as well as the creative coaching mentioned:

If you would another new video from me then I recently did a facebook live Monthly Challenge* which you can watch here: & I also sent around my monthly newsletter containing new videos so check that out if you are on my list (or if you're not you can sign up here: & receive a free Creative Ebook, Exclusive Videos, Collage Sheets, name a few - and you get brand new private giveaways, videos, articles & offers each and every month)

I'm off to go pick the winners for the fb live challenge, as I did a giveaway on there also, which I'm intending to do more of so if you've not already 'liked' my facebook page please do so (also hit the 'add page to favorites') to stay informed of these new fb lives and giveaways ;) 

Hop you're having a great creative weekend

*The Monthly Challenge is a free group I host on my online art community Journal Workshops. It is a monthly art date for us to stretch our art/journaling comfort zone in a supportive collaborative environment. If you are not yet a part of this Group come & join in with over 5000 creative comrades and get access to YEARS worth of archived challenges, complete with art vids from me & project shares from the other members, here:

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Butterfly Addiction (& Video ~ Real Time Art Journaling)

Hi Love

I've had a realisation this week as to why I may have a slight butterfly addiction (those of you that have take my free class Inspiration Station would have seen this, I explain it as I realise there are butterflies ALL OVER those journals lol). My sudden realisation comes from a social media post I wrote a couple of days ago. It's kind of a personal one, so I am sharing it here for prosperity followed by an early peek at a youtube video I'll be posting tomorrow where I create a page guessed it, butterflies. Enjoy

My Great Grandmothers Butterfly fits in nicely in my outdoor studio I think...

When I was a child I remember these enameled butterflies being all over her little flat (apartment to those over you over the pond). On every mirror, windows, picture frame and fridge (…may be this is where my obsession with butterflies comes from?). I don’t know if that was truly how it was or if it just how I remember it, but I always associate these soft little pretty colourful girlie things with an austere, proper, Edwardian woman who I loved but no one in their right mind would have ever called a ‘softie’. 

She wore bland clothes, kept a bland house, and was straight down the line. She saw everything as black and white, ‘this is right and this is wrong’. No argument or compromise. She invented the phrase ‘stiff upper lip’. I never remember seeing her smile except in photographs I have seen as an adult, long after she has left the earth. Pure toughness of the First World War generation through and through. Yet I obviously never saw or noticed any of that as a child, she was my great grandma, and I just saw butterflies 


Hope you're having an awesomely creative weekend
Much love

PS If you're not having an awesomely creative weekend hop on over to Journal Workshops
There's the New Maker's Meet-Up, a New Art Swap and New Mini Art Classes to Join (plus bonuses added to some other ones!), go check it all out now on my art community, 

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Three Videos in Three Days

Hello Love

Hope you're having a fabulous creative weekend, if not here's some kick-starters for you. The last three days I've posted a video a day so here they all are together, enjoy.

The first one I posted is all about 'How I Organize & Store Scrap Papers':

If you want more Ask Jennibellie videos you can get them via signing up to my Monthly Newsletter here: When you do so you’ll also receive a free Creative Ebook, Exclusive Videos, Collage Sheets & other goodies *instantly* as well as the monthly news, articles, videos & other occasional gifts sent direct to your inbox =)

The second was the new monthly art challenge video on Journal Workshops, where we are exploring your relationship with creativity. Check it out here: 

The Monthly Challenge is a free group I host on my art community Journal Workshops. It is a monthly art date for us to stretch our art/journaling comfort zone. If you are not yet a part of this Group, come & join over 5000 creative comrades plus get new monthly art vids from me here: 

The third video is from the Makers Meet-up is all about having yourself a 'Creative Spa Day':

The Maker’s Meet-up is another free group on my art community. A weekly meeting place where you can come and share, find support and be inspired (and where I give little extra creative assignment videos such as this one too) =D

So there you are if you follow all three you'll have an organized studio, be getting your creating groove on while improving your relationship with creativity and having a luxurious Creative Spa Day as you do it all. No excuses for a non-creative weekend around here, though in truth these are all 'regular' videos I create all the time (though obviously they are all on new topics each time) for my newsletter or art community - so just follow the links to get more ;)

Much love


Sunday, 21 May 2017

New Video: a JUICY Art Journal Tutorial

Hello my lovely

Hope you’re having a gloriously creative weekend so far. I have a new video tutorial for you today, all about the EDGES of your journal pages.

After the little tut I share a few of my art journals pages I created using this edges technique as a base too...

hope you enjoy:

These are the sketchbooks I use:

The glues I use are double sided sticky tape, Glue Stick (my fav and Tacky Glue (Aleenes Original being my preference

Here is the ‘3 Glues Technique’ video I mentioned and used in the Juicy Edges tutorial: 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

PS Are you part of my free art community Journal Workshops yet?? If not get your buns over there and signed up for free weekly and monthly art activities, all of my current online workshops *plus* a free art journaling class. 

Friday, 5 May 2017

JennibellieTV is HERE!!! (& LOOOOOADDS of Other Stuff!)

So I can't remember the last time I was more excited about posting a video....not sure why, there's just something magical to this 'TV' style thing I've decided.

Watch Episode One Now:

Also there is a lot going on at the moment that I've not been very good at posting about on here so here's a super quick run through:

Today is also the LAST DAY you can get my newest workshop, Creative Resistance Remedy, at the crazy low Early Bird Discount price as Class starts TOMORROW!!!

Get the Full Details (& Watch the Vid) Here:

This is a workshop for those that are ready to make their creativity more important than their resistance, their comparison, their procrastination, their perfectionism, their analysis paralysis and all their critics and create their projects already.

Today I also posted the a Maker’s Meet-Up (with a complementary creative assignment video).

Watch the video & share all your projects with us now:

The Maker’s Meet-up is a free group on my free online Art Community Journal Workshops, a weekly meeting place where you can come and share, find support and be inspired (and where I often give little extra creative assignment videos too) =D

A few days ago I posted a new 'Monthly Challenge' video. 

The Monthly Challenge is a free group, a monthly art date for us to stretch our art/journaling comfort zone. If you are not yet a part of this Group, come & join over 5000 creative comrades plus get new monthly art vids from me here:

Finally currently I'm running a giveaway on Journal Workshops
there are just two days left to enter so if you haven’t thrown your name in yet you can do so here: 

I'm sure there's more but I'll leave it at that for now lol
Hope you have awesomely creative weekend 
Much love

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

3 Lessons Learnt from Spending Thousands on Workshops & Trainings

Hello my love

Over the past couple of years I have spent several thousand on trainings and classes (going into tens of thousands if you add in coaching programs too) on and around the area of resistance, so wanted to share with you the three main lessons I have learnt from this experience, without you having to fork out that amount of cash. I am hoping that with the release of my newest workshop Creative Resistance Remedy, which is all about allowing your creativity to outshine your fear and learning how to get on with your projects, it will also answer some of the questions I have had coming up around the workshop.

So as I say the thousands spent in question that I am referring to here are on and around the area of resistance, but one workshop sticks out in my mind that we shall use as an example, due to it being on the exact topic of resistance. It was several times the price of Creative Resistance Remedy I hastened to add - into the hundreds, and it turned out to be just a single audio and a worksheet! I have taken so many trainings not to be put off by how something is delivered however, while I like to create classrooms that look good and contain all the bells and whistles for my students, I know that is it not the norm to do that online. Plus I have gotten tons of value out of similarly delivered content so I diligently went on with this workshop.

Within twenty minutes however I remembered thinking ‘this woman clearly has never struggled with the issue of resistance sincerely if she thinks this namby-pamby wishy washy stuff will work’. But again from all of my workshops taken I know that the value of a workshop is always in the application not simply in the listening to, or thinking on, it. So I cleared my head of preconceived notions and applied. After several attempts over a few weeks to ‘feel my way through the resistance’, as per the teachings however, I had to conclude this was not lifting one iota of my resistance. Either the workshop was simply a nice idea that the teacher thought would make a good workshop rather than something she actually used, her resistance was not so dreadfully deep set in as mine or this super soft approach really did work for her. Whichever it was though, it was not the concrete strategy for dealing with my resistance I was looking, or frankly desperate, for.

When we do not receive exactly what we expect (or even want) from courses, materials or even life however, there is always still some invaluable knowledge to be gleamed somewhere. For instance this and similar experiences taught me the first lesson I which to share and something that I passed on in my last class, Rock Your Online Shop, which is all about how to create a successful online art or handmade goods shop: 

to always seek to learn from someone who really HAVE been there and done what you want to. In RYOS that lesson was given in reference to money, meaning if you wish to make money from your creativity learn from those that have already done so, hence I passed on this lesson as I gave a behind the scenes look at my own shop finances. No matter what its context however, this first lesson to learn from someone who has already been there should be applied to everything you ever wish to know more about. This is because everyone has a voice, and everyone has an opinion. A lot of people use that voice and those opinions to bluster on about things which frankly, they have no clue about! Ignore noise, people who shout the loudest and armchair critics. If you wish to learn something then do so from those that have REALLY been there, and done that & got the t-shirt.

So looking at this lesson from the angle of being a teacher, as well as a student, I created Creative Resistance Remedy because I also wish to teach from that place of having been there - to share that which I have lived, learnt or developed myself and therefore know the true value of. And BOY did I pay my dues of having lived it for Creative Resistance Remedy, in 2016 I was about to shut 'Jennibellie' down due to living under the crushing weight of constant resistance. I was so close to closing Journal Workshops. Cutting my Social Media. Deleting my Blog and removing myself from entirely the internet. I was ready to SHUT. IT. DOWN. But from all of that ‘ta da’ is a workshop with the genuine stuff it takes to release resistance, which I discovered through the hard way of travelling out of that darkness back into the light of enjoying creativity again.

Second lesson that spending several thousand on trainings and classes taught me is to learn from those that you feel a natural kinship with. There are several reasons for this, many of which I think may be self-explanatory but I want to share one benefit that may not be so obvious. Someone that you feel an affinity to will most likely think like you do, therefore whatever lessons they have found useful for their own lives/art/business/relationships or whatever else it is you are looking to learn about, will therefore be of most value to you too. But beyond that you have to learn from those that inspire you, because if you do not then not only are you likely not to apply the teachings, but you may not even finish them in the first place. Lord I can think through many a history lecture I basically slept through due to the professor droning on in monolithic tones, and history was my favourite subject (it’s even what I went on to do my masters in). In hindsight the teacher of the example workshop was not someone I felt an affinity for, which therefore means the lack of usefulness I gauged from it is entirely my own fault. Her ‘feel through it’ method may have worked for many a student, ones that felt a like mindedness to her …I was just suckered in by the sales page because I so desperately wanted out of my devastating resistance and was looking for anything, and everything, to try.

Third lesson I want to pass on is: quality over quantity. I mentioned that the example workshop was one in a long line, and I don’t regret purchasing it (or the several others like it) because it taught me this third lesson - it means I now know how to be more diligent in the trainings I will invest in in the future. Knowing how to be diligent and what you are actually looking for is SO insanely beneficial. When people have asked me if they can have a discount or when my next sale will be because they really, really want to take a particular class I have to say ‘choosing things via discounts rather than content is a false economy. It’s better to buy one or two classes you will actually find valuable rather than five or six times as much simply because they were cheaper. If you want to do/take something my advice, taking this class out of the scenario, is to choose what is right for you. Make it being right for you the only criteria.’ People know this, including myself, but I think we all too easily forget. We live in a society of more, more, more…but let’s be honest, when you’ve got craploads of stuff do you value it all as much as something else that you consider to be scarce or precious?

Though deciding on a workshop solely via price is completely the wrong way to go about it, as it happens Creative Resistance Remedy is currently at a discount. Trying not to be biased (though obviously I know I am a little lol) for the amount of content given in any of my classes the full price could easily be twice as much. I know from all of the workshops I’ve taken that I provide TONS of value so my regular prices ARE discounted...but you still need to make it being right for you the criteria for why you buy, not discounts or bonuses.

So there we are, my three main (and a few other scattered throughout) lessons from spending thousands on trainings and classes. A final one I want to address is how crazily important it is to NEVER STOP LEARNING….because well, you actually never will stop learning. It is something that will happen to the day you die, but you have a choice to learn by default (which I have to admit I think the majority of the populous does with very little benefit to the mind or improvement of circumstances) or learn through consideration, intention and purpose.
Choose your path, and choose it wisely…because either way you will be walking one.

Creative Resistance Remedy starts on Saturday but right now there is an early bird discountThe cost right now is only £40 (which as you've read my own pocket knows is next to nothing for this kind of teaching).

This workshop is for those that are ready to make their creativity more important than their resistance, their comparison, their overwhelm, their procrastination, their perfectionism, their analysis paralysis and all their critics and create their projects already….meaning it’s really for everyone.

Early Bird Discount is only for a couple more days, read more about & get it here:

Much love


PS Can those of you who have already taken the plunge (whoop! well done) and are in Creative Resistance Remedy please send me a private message on Journal Workshops (top button on my profile page here: with your address, I have a secret something I wish to send you through the post!
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